Park Jae Kyung (박재경: Read as Park Jae Kyung) is a college freshman and a friend of Jin-Ho's. In her high school days (where it is revealed she had short hair), she was the co-founder and former president of the Film Studies Club (now passed on to Jin-Ho) as well as the former president of the Student Council (which is now succeeded by Ji-Soo). Even though she flirts with him, Jin-Ho feels comfortable enough with her to confide his girl problems to her. There are also hints that Jin-Ho may have had rather deeper feelings for her while she was in high school,[6] and seems that Jin-Ho has been rather more distant with girls since she left.[7] There are implications that Jae Kyung has romantic inclinations towards Jin-Ho, most prominent when she breaks up with her boyfriend and seeking out Jin-Ho for comfort, and acts very coldly towards Hae-Young after she finds out he was waiting for her. Caroline even states that Jae Kyung is one of Hae-Young's rivals.

It is later revealed that she was originally afraid of engaging with Jin-Ho in a romantic relationship and that she secretly believed he would still like her when she left, displaying regret that she never advanced beyond a friend with him. During these times, she has shown a certain level of deviousness, stating that she would sabatoge whatever relationship Jin-Ho has with Hae-Young as she claims she truly loves him, which meant she had to stop him from making the wrong choice. She has shown subtle manipulation of both Hae-Young and Ji-Soo and some amount of ruthlessness, intending to seduce Jin-Ho and even willing to have sex with him to make him hers. Her plan fails as Jin-Ho turns her down, Jae Kyung realizing she missed her chance to be with Jin-Ho encourages him to go to the woman he loves, and shows her true feelings by crying after he leaves. However, this rejection, coupled with all the stress she is under, causes her to break down mentally, though she eventually recovers in chapter 79 not before hearing Jin-Ho announce his break-up with Hae-Young.